Grovel, puny humans!

O the influence! Behold the sheer raw power of Tild.

Luckily for you, I only use my powers for Good, so check back here often. Any minute now I’m gonna say something influential. Really. I’m pretty sure.


9 comments to Grovel, puny humans!

  • Your crate labels are worth 10,000 words, oh Great One!

  • It’s my unique, powerful formula for being influential:
    I post only a couple times a month, but when I do
    it’s got lots of pictures!!


  • Well, here’s the thing. The greatness of your site cannot be overstated. We were beginning to think all websites with excellent graphics and/or topnotch humor were by males between the ages of 27-35, and frankly that was reeeeeally getting boring. PS Lucy says hi.

  • I found your site through Dinged Corners. I don’t know how you do it but your crate blog labels are great.

  • Well thanks Cliff, you’re too kind. You too, Patricia. Your blogs are so nifty, they make we wish I knew more about baseball cards. …Or, *anything* about baseball cards.

    Have you considered branching out into crate labels? Here’s one you might like:

  • I love that crate label. Do you actually have these around your house too, or is this interest mostly digital? I’ve tried to wait a respectful amount of time before inquiring if somehow we might convince you to do a Dinged Corners crate label. But the heck with it, here’s my request. Maybe we could work out a trade? Of some kind.

  • Oh Patricia, fact is I’m already working on a crate label for Dinged Corners. :)
    (see how much arm-twisting is actually necessary when dealing with such a total pushover?)

    I do have quite a few crate labels on the walls in my kitchen, as well as a couple flour sacks and a plug tobacco box. Here’s a link to a post I did back in 2006 that has pictures of some of the 20 crate labels on the walls:

    I got most of the labels in Monterey, CA . Shops on Cannery Row there had 1000′s of original crate labels, printed up as far back as the 1930′s, brand new, never used. Something tells me they’re charging more for ‘em now than they did 10 years ago when I bought them for $2 or $3 each.

  • The crate labels on your wall are beautiful. The art is indescribably great. Maybe flashes of similarity to pulp novel cover art from the 40s and 50s, except more, well, proper.
    Can’t believe you’re doing a label for Dinged Corners. Wowee.

    I suspected we had something in common and then I saw…the Beatles posters. Let’s put it this way. My older daughter can pretty much recite A Hard Day’s Night from start to finish. My younger daughter is named Lucy after…well, you know.

  • At our house it’s Help! that we almost know entirely by heart. Every so often one of us drops a random line, such as “He is red! Kill him!” or “Hey Beatle. You shall have fun, hey?”

    Talk about Beatle-ey names for kids… We named our first son John (after his great grandfather) and then when we had our second son, the hub lobbied hard for naming him Paul, but I said Absolutely Not!

    I figured either people would think we’d suddenly converted to Catholicism and were crazy about the Pope, or everybody who knew what Beatlemaniacs we were would be saying “John… Paul… When are George and Ringo showing up?” Gaaaah.

    Long story short: our youngest son is named David!

    Work on the Dinged Corners label is slow going, I’m sorry to say… Both of my kids are moving out this weekend, and the house is bedlam, with piles of household goods, clothes, books, and assorted guy-stuff piled up everywhere, so I probably won’t have the label finished until next week or so, after all the chaos has died down. I hope you like it when it’s finally done. :)

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