Physicians Against Nutrition

Dr. Brian Davis comes out against food stamps, school lunches and other outrageous “entitlements” in the Farm Bill.

Ollie Ox at Bluestem Prairie has all the meaty details, from soup to nuts.

Dr. Davis, one of the founding members of a new PAC named Physicians Against Nutrition , was asked for a quote to accompany this article. He wisely intoned:

“The mission statement for Physicians Against Nutrition reinterprets the age-old creed of the healer to speak to the needs of the 21st century ward heeler, to whit:  First do no harm …to my pocketbook, dammit!”

Ahh. Food for thought indeed.


PAN (Physicians Against Nutrition)-PAC logo courtesy of KOAT (Kindly Old Auntie Tild)

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