A Face In the Crowd 2009

Or:   how I spent 5 hours on a windy, blustery Sunday evening because I was bored and not in the mood to watch Mad Men.

a-face-in-the-crowd-glenn beck

Yes, yes, of course I was trying to update the poster from the 1957 movie starring Andy Griffith.


It would have been a lot easier if I could have found a photo of Glenn Beck in profile, but I’m beginning to think there aren’t any.   None.    Zip.     Nada.  So I made do with what I could find.  Not perfect; not ideal;  and besides, Glenn Beck is not actually the living embodiment of  Lonesome Rhodes.   Not entirely.

UPDATE: Nearly a year has gone by since I made this little picture; time which Glenn Beck has used only to pollute our collective consciousness to an even more hideous degree. To recognize the tad’s transcendent quality (when will we be rid of him already?!?!) I present: Glenn Beck in A Face In The Crowd –with no date. Timeless. For all time. Let’s just say Dateless In Delirium.

9 comments to A Face In the Crowd 2009

  • Lonesome Rhodes could undoubtedly sing better.

  • Spot posted the image on the Cucking Stool with a link to the IMDB plot summary for the 1957 film.

  • Also I doubt Glenn Beck could later get a job as a sheriff. Even a TV sheriff. Any kind of a sheriff. Let’s hope not, anyway!

  • Aw; you’re so niize.

  • Dread Pirate Flynt

    Barney Fife was twice the man Beck is.

  • Sheer perfection, Tild. The blubbering Beckpic evokes the ending of the film, where Rhodes is begging the woman he screwed literally and figuratively to pleeeeeease come back to him.

  • Margaret

    Just wanted to say that I love this site!! I stumbled upon it while doing a little research on that awful Bachmann woman and was rewarded by finding wit, humor and delicious-sounding recipes for veggies!

    Did you hear that Diageo, maker of Guinness amongst many other fine beverages, has pulled their advertising from Beck’s show? I honestly think that Beck is very bad for this country and am glad to hear that he’s losing advertisers.

    Happy 250th birthday Guinness! Cheers!

  • Thanks for the updated pic, Tild. I’ve suggested it to a friend of mine.

  • Who I believe just contacted me an hour or so ago. Needless to say I replied with a “Please do! I am honored.”

    Yeah, it was necessary to get that year off the pic. At the time it seemed like a good idea to include the year, but I wouldn’t have if I’d had any inkling that we’d STILL be dealing with this raving lunatic more than a year later.

    His 15 minutes are SO UP. Please go away, Glenny you horrible, weepy little puddin’!

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