La Bachmann: Inanité, Insanité, Célébrité

…to mention just a few of the blots on her wacky escutcheon.  There’s also plenty of room for Vanité, Absurdité,  Malignité,  Hilarité, Vénalité and Stupidité in the Bachmann motto…

OBLIGATORY INTERJECTION:  What’s a motto?  Nuttin’. What’s a motto wit’ you?  [RIMSHOT]  Thank you, thank you, I’ll be here all week.  Try the Sac à thé, it’s scrump-diddle-umptious!

…But no room for  Liberté, Egalité, Fraternité, of course.  That kind of fruity talk is strictly for whiny socialist surrender monkeys.
You’re right, you sharp-eyed, sharp-memoried kids, I’ve gone here before.   Didn’t get it quite perfect the first time tho (as commenter Tony recently pointed out) so I went back to give it a bit of a makeover.  Better now, n’est-ce pas?

As the Wege reminds us:
“She’s not just Minnesota’s nutter anymore.  Now Michele Bachmann belongs to the entire nation.   Enjoy.”

Enjoy?  That’s not quite the word I’d use, but whatevs…

Is Michele Bachmann the new Sarah Palin?

History In the (Re)Making

The Tea Party Wags the Dog

Fact Checking the GOP Response

Tea Party Express hopes to “straighten out” Bachmann… (But isn’t that the Bachmann family business?  Oh, wait…)

Just added (and well worth a click):

State of the Nation: IN PERIL!!! (Bachmann speech/videos)


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