Vamping, episode #1

We’re just vamping for time here, until all the great new posts Tild promised to write actually show up. Let’s see, what have we got today?…


OK, let’s start out with my new favorite game! As some of you know, yer kindly old Auntie Tild hates telephones of every kind and can only tolerate having a very basic, no-frills cell phone in case of emergencies, so had therefore never heard of Angry Birds until a month ago when the Google Chrome version came out. Kinda fun, and quite addictive. Die, stupid green pigs! Die! Die! Diiiiiieee!
Angry Birds Chrome


Next, Mr. Tild’s gonna love this one: Amazing trains that never were


And, in case your blood pressure hasn’t spiked high enough today: Apple, Google, Microsoft Sitting On 58 Billion in Overseas Profits, Blackmailing Us to Avoid Taxes


A NN11 panel I missed; worth a look… Talking about science at Netroots Nation: Fact versus fear


And finally: Mean people hurt psycho scumbag’s fee-fees!

Bradlee Dean feels bad because people made fun of the track suit he wore to give an alleged “prayer” in the MN House chamber recently.
Sally Jo at Bluestem Prairie wisely decided to pass on my animated gif version, but I kinda like it.

More to come ~

1 comment to Vamping, episode #1

  • Sally Jo Sorensen

    Not wisdom: the pearl rumored to drop from his mouth didn’t measure up to your genius.

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