American Crystal Sugar lockout continues

01-24-2012: New Google News feed link!

Nearly SIX FULL MONTHS have gone by since August 1, 2011, when American Crystal Sugar locked out its 1300 employees who are union members.

As the lockout continues, I’ve reconfigured the ACS- and lockout- related news feeds appearing here.

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The “blog & beet company” may be imaginary, but my Red River Valley roots are real. I stand with the Valley’s union workers. ~

6 comments to American Crystal Sugar lockout continues

  • MNO

    It’s crucial to remember that this isn’t a strike, it’s a lockout. The workers didn’t choose to do this, it was management flexing its muscle. Strikers choose to show their strength by striking, management by locking out.

  • D’oh. Of course you’re right. This is what I get for attempting to write something even halfways coherent at 6 am. Changed “striking” to “locked out”. Thanks!

  • Concerned Consumer

    Years ago I worked in a sugar factory and was always amazed at all the different chemicals that were used in the process of making sugar. It worries me a great deal that inexperienced replacement workers who are not familiar with the art of sugar production will not know how to avoid cross contamination. How can we be sure that poisonous levels of these chemicals are not being left in the sugar produced by these unskilled replacement workers? I hope they are not planning to sell any of the new sugar into our food supply before the FDA inspects it carefully.

  • Chemicals? Used in sugar production? I had no idea. The union-bashing commenters at InForum don’t seem to be aware of that either. To them, all the work that union workers do at ACS could be easily done by anybody picked at random off the street. Heck, they think it could be done by a pack of cocker spaniels. For pennies, of course. All hail cheap labor!
    This is not only deluded, but dangerous — to ALL of us — for exactly the reasons you mention.

  • Is this OPEC

    More people die perhaps in this country from sugar related (diabetes and obesity, etc.) diseases than tobacco related diseases, but the sugar barons still maintain a protected status. Where are the sugar taxes and the sugar settlements? When are the sugar eating customers going to be forced to pay higher premiums for health or life insurance? Certainly they have more directly related healthcare costs than the folks who avoid refined sugars and they must die earlier too. The average Minnesotan who smokes pays $2000 per year in taxes and again as much in higher insurance costs but the evil refined sugar addicts get a much sweeter deal from government so far. All smokers should stand up and demand equal treatment for sugar!

  • As a person living with type 2 diabetes —

    [diagnosed 2.5 years ago; after changing my diet, mainly by eliminating all sugars wherever possible, switching to stevia sweeteners and counting carbs, I dropped 65 lbs. Those changes were enough to reverse the effects of my diabetes completely. My BG is now back in normal range, I don't have to test anymore, and my doctor says I am now like a person who has never had diabetes. I still take metformin pills, tho, and probably will have to for the rest of my life. Diabetes is forever.]

    –and as a former smoker [smoked 1.5 packs a day for 14 years; quit cold turkey 25 years ago]

    I’m 100% with you.

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