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Update 01-24-2012: New Google News feed link!

Nearly SIX FULL MONTHS have gone by since August 1, 2011, when American Crystal Sugar locked out its 1300 employees who are union members.

As the lockout continues, I’ve reconfigured the ACS- and lockout- related news feeds appearing here.

For links to the latest articles appearing anywhere on the web that mention “American Crystal Sugar”, click here:

If for some reason the Google News format doesn’t work for you, you might want to try the Grand Forks Herald American Crystal Sugar RSS Feed located in the sidebar. ===>

If you are looking for my Google +1 shared items (which more often than not concern topics other than ACS and the lockout), please click here:


Tild sez: Remember, others are doing the reporting; all I’m doing is aggregating. Please don’t just read the headlines. DO click the links and DO read each article in full at its source. Tusen takk. Oh, and remember: if the link is from a Forum Communications-owned news source, such as the Grand Forks Herald and InForum, after 7 days the article will be archived and no longer available to read online in full unless you pay Forum Communications $2.95. That’s right — they want you to pay $2.95 to read any news article that’s more than 7 days old. What. A. Racket. ~

The “blog & beet company” may be imaginary, but my Red River Valley roots are real. I stand with union workers.

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