God Jul 2013

santa lucia at ASI december 1960

The year was 1960.  My sister had the honor of being a Lucia at the American Swedish Institute that year.  That’s me, one of her pine-wreathed acolytes, standing next to her.   She was 12, I was 8.

My sister always says that the main thing she remembers about her Lucia gig is how heavy that crown was.

No, those weren’t actual lit candles on her head.  The Lucia crown was a metal frame with about a dozen flashlights welded onto it. Each flashlight held at least 2 batteries and had a C7 bulb for a “flame”.

No wonder the thing was so heavy.  Uff da!

Jag önskar er alla och envar en GOD JUL och ett GOTT NYTT ÅR!



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  • Glenn

    Hi Tild,

    Fellow Minnesotan here, also with Nordic tendencies, mostly musical. Very much enjoy your blog, especially the posting about the Lucia pageant. We frequently celebrate them here in Northfield.

    Al the Best to you,


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