Emo Senator Mike Parry, AKA Flouncett O’Parra

Mike Parry, AKA Flouncett O'Parra

Emo Senator flounces out of budget meeting; will Parry’s mood swings derail special session?

Is there no end to The Emo Senator‘s hyperdramatic hijinks?

Oh God I hope not.



Plan 9 Parry?

plan 9 parry

Oh yes, we still be vamping. It's gonna be a long summer.


Emo Senator Mike “Tor” Parry appears to have a real future in low-budget horror/sci-fi movies whenever his current low-budget horror/sci-fi gig is over.


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Some days the jokes almost ‘shop themselves

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A Face In the Crowd

(my take on the original)

Disgust: on the Lonesome Rhodes Trail to Tortureville

America Is Better Than This

Triumph of the Propaganda Mill

Teevee Crackpot Calls For Joining Him

The Only Image You Need To Understand Beck-a-paloosa


Notes from The Beckture

and the best for last:

Driftglass gives us A Beck Poster of [...]

Agent Orange Boehner to visit Minnesota

It’s not easy being orange: John Boehner to stump for Hayfield Republican Randy Demmer

The Boehnertone family: beachball-wielding tyke Pat Anderson; mommy dearest Michele Bachmann; papa John “Agent Orange” Boehner; and Randy Demmer as “the Boehver”

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Eric Cantor’s magic bullet

If by “magic” you mean “Oh noes! Scary out of control violence irresponsibly encouraged by Democrats!”

The Richmond PD determined that the actual source of the attack was Eric Cantor’s imagination, apparently having an Ashley Todd moment.

Irresponsibly encouraged by Lou Dobbs.

UPDATE: But wait! There’s more!

FBI charge man claiming to be [...]

Since you asked


*actual comment seen on Facebook.

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Rudy Giuliani’s Bush-term memory loss

“We Had No Domestic Attacks Under Bush; We’ve Had One Under Obama”

– sez Disinformation Minister Rudy “Get me Rewrite!” Giuliani

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Logo for Rush Limbaugh’s NFL team

This was my favorite entry out of all the names suggested on Twitter (hashtag #NameRushsTeam) Dunno if we have Geniusbastard or Lizz Winstead to thank for the original idea, but whoever thunk it up: you did good!

Even tho– big surprise –it now looks like Rush is out of luck. Awww.

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Best performance by a cold remedy in a supporting role

Click on the image to view behind the scenes footage of Messrs. Beck & Vaporub prepping for their performance.

Pause at :38 for the money shot.


UPDATE: Nearly a year has gone by since I made this little picture; time which Glenn Beck has used only to pollute our collective consciousness to an [...]