Some pictures, not too much text

Hi-ho kids. Oooh, what are the odds? It’s an actual blogpost by everyone’s favorite Auntie Tild!

I’ve been on vacation since July 4th, enjoying the longest uninterrupted stretch of days away from work that I’ve had in…probably 3 years. My initial plan for at least part of this week was to go up to the [...]

Friday Fun With Katie

The burning question I have today is:

70′s 80′s? era Katherine Kersten and a Van de Graaff generator

…separated at birth?


Katie Kersten: More Than A “Seasonal Creep”

Tild sez: Damn! 2007 ended and I never did get around to all those witty and incisive posts I meant to put up.

Truth be told, I am a bad blogger. Well, a lackadaisical one at best, which is one of the many reasons why I’m so thankful for Spot, an intelligent and industrious pup [...]

Isn’ t That Special

In her continuing crusade to show benighted scum such as myself the shameful error of our ruthlessly partisan conniving un-Republican ways, Katherine Kersten, the Strib’s official ombiddysman, cranks up her calliope once again this week. This time she’s wheezing out more lies and smears about the Wellstone memorial service three years ago.

I hope she’s [...]