Mean And I Do Mean Mean

Marcus Bachmann in "a respectable Republican cloth coat"

Mean people hurt psycho scumbag’s feelings; are reportedly “gonna really be sorry”.


Mean liberals are mean to aspiring local actress; cruelly ignore, refuse to take seriously ingenue’s latest performance.


Mean little dog torments (mostly)orange-hued tot.


Ohhh. Now this is just plain mean!

Marcus Bachmann in "a respectable Republican [...]

Wait… What?


When last we heard from President Obama yesterday he had reportedly just said: “I’ve reached my limit. This may bring my presidency down, but I will not yield on this.”

Upon hearing which, a mighty cheer did ring out from anxious progressives throughout the Twitterverse. Was this it? Had the moment finally come? [...]

Shifty-eyed Weasels Are Forever

pop up cantor shifty

Vamping will continue until posting improves.


In the past several days I’ve had some reaction to my No Cuts or No Vote statement. In one conversation I replied as follows, and since it applies today as well as it did three days ago, I’ll say it again:

I’m sure that all of you [...]

Agent Orange Boehner to visit Minnesota

It’s not easy being orange: John Boehner to stump for Hayfield Republican Randy Demmer

The Boehnertone family: beachball-wielding tyke Pat Anderson; mommy dearest Michele Bachmann; papa John “Agent Orange” Boehner; and Randy Demmer as “the Boehver”

~ Tweet [...]