In which my remarkable powers of prognostication are revealed

From June of 2009: Not gonna happen, Timmy

In other words: Told ya.



Timmy McBridgeFAIL’s new book (improved)

News that Minnesota’s soon to be ex- Governor Tim Pawlenty has written a book set to be released on January 11, 2011 was accompanied by a picture of the forthcoming book’s cover:

The cover image ended speculation about why Gov Timmy had been seen grimacing presidentially posing for photographers in scenic Frontenac State Park [...]

T-paw to corporations: Hey sailor, want a free one?

What T-paw is really saying with that call for a reduction in corporate income tax.

Hey, Sailor, c’mere; you want a free one?

Hey, Sailor, c’mere; you want a free one? Part II

Hey, Sailor, c’mere; you want a free one? Part III

Oh, Timmy… You slut, you!

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Sweeney Tim

(Credit to Centrisity for coining Governor BridgeFAIL’s latest sobriquet)


UPDATE: Alright, alright, here’s a version with the word UNALLOTMENT instead of ALLOTMENT. OK? Happy now? !@#$%^* Critics! (You know who you are)

Hmm.. Sweeney Tim and Freakazoid : separated at birth?

Mebbe not. Tweet [...]

Not gonna happen, Timmy

A key word to remember here, Timmy, is NEVER.

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Minnesota: the Hotdish Revolution needs YOU!

Put down your ice augers and jumper cables, Minnesotans!

Time to make our voices heard loud and clear by Governor Timmy where our state budget is concerned.

Join the Hotdish Revolution and spread the word about Minnesota’s Recipe For Success.

And yes, that is indeed a tater tot hotdish our lead poster girl is [...]


few nights ago, at the remote fortified family compound known as Tildebunkport….

“In a much less publicized special election yesterday, Kevin Dahle, a school teacher from Northfield, won the legislative seat held by Gov. Pawlenty’s former lawyer, who is now a state judge…”


“[Mike Brodkorb's] hard work spreading disinfo and knocking doors [...]

The Supply-Side Fraud: Republican Economics Don’t Work

There’s been quite a confluence of posts this week examining those economic theories that have been among the Republican party’s most-revered tenets ever since the advent of St. Ronnie of Reagan lo these many years ago. Yep, we’re talkin supply-side economics, aka trickle-down theory, aka Reaganomics (and needless to say, aka the Bible to Minnesota’s [...]

Fast Acting Paw-Lax!

Yes, calling a special session today to address disaster relief for events that happened weeks ago, in August, is what some are calling “fast acting!” Oh, sorry, make that FAST ACTING!

Hmmm. While we’re making changes, better make that “Pawl- AX“.

Yes, there’s a special session of the Minnesota Legislature happening today. What’s it [...]